Class Notes – June 2017


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Jill (Norman) Hudgins (’80) retired as art director of NCTI, Inc., in Littleton, Colo., after 30 years with the company. Her career included both book publishing and online course creation.

Ken Reed (’83), author of Ego vs. Soul in Sports: Essays on Sport at its Best and Worst, is also a sports policy director for League of Fans. This sports reform project founded by Ralph Nader is used to fight for the higher principles of justice, fair play, equal opportunity, and civil rights in sports.


Larry Slade (’01) relocated his liquor store business and Baker Wine & Spirits in Denver, focused on selling products made by local producers who use organic and sustainable farming practices.

Lt. Col. Brent Tschikof (’02), a detachment commander in the US Air Force, has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Christina Richie (Ph.D.,’04) is the Assistant Professor of the Bioethics and Interdisciplinary Studies Department in the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University. Dr. Richie’s work on sustainability in the medical industry has been recently added in the 2017 Oxford Handbook of Reproductive Ethics.

Sarah (Wobken) Thompson (’13) with her husband, Hunter Thompson

Andrea Lawson (’08) has had a successful career in college mental health. She has recently been promoted to co-director of Mental Health Services at University Health Services at the University of Wisconsin.


Mark Benjamin (’10) has owned Crown Jade Design and Engineering since 2005. This year, his company has been renamed to PHI-D&E Inc. and provides architectural plans and materials needed while in the process of building.

Sarah (Wobken) Thompson (’13) has recently married Hunter Thompson, a user interface designer at Gloo in Boulder, Colo. Sarah is an attorney and Senior Programming Specialist at Sling TV in Englewood, Colo.

In Memoriam

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Jacqueline V. Summers (’45)
*Helen K. Swanson (’49)

Willis E. Smith (’50)
James B. Atkinson, Jr. (’51)
*Dona L. Gates (’51)
Robert. D. Sullivan (’51)
Donald J. Smylie (B.S., ’52; D.V.M., ’54)
Leonard F. DeBano (’55)
Charles E. Mitchel (M.E.D., ’59)

Robert L. Weaver (’60)
*Peter E. Black (Ph.D., ’61)
Melvin L. Eckard (M.E.D., ’62)
Nancy Nell (Bishop) McKibben (’63)
Carolyn B. Washburn (’67)
William C. Hutcheson, D.V.M. (’69)
*Dr. David E. McCurdy (M.S., ’66; P.h.D, ’69)

Alfonzo D. Viola (’70)
Dennis P. Fitzpatrick (’72)
LeRoi M. Dillon (’73)
*Sharon R. Rushton (B.A., ’72; M.S., ’74)
Shirley E. Kircher (’75)
John E. Koontz (’75)
David L. Langlois (B.S., ’74; M.S. ’76)

Danise G. Miller (’81)
E. Suzann Reikofski (M.S.W., ’86)

Mark W. Farmen (M.S., ’90)
Russell E. Howard (D.V.M, ’92)
*Newell C. Kocher (’96)
Larissa K. Lokey (’96)
Ian A. Williamson (’97)

Kimberly S. Ringen (D.V.M., ’06) 

Mallory A. Sauer (’12)

Evelyn M. K. Berry
Powers Boothe
Roseann Cline
Richard Farr
Carol Hinz
Todd Patton
Bernice L. Sims
Benjamin F. Summers, III
Barbara V. Wood
Marvin Wood 

Robert K. Charles
Michael J. Hanna