Class Notes – March 2015


*indicates member of the Alumni Association

Dr. Timothy Fulbright with 2014 Society for Range Management President Jenny Pluhar.

Dr. Timothy Fulbright (’81) with 2014 Society for Range Management President Jenny Pluhar.


Debra Benton (’74) published her tenth book on executive leadership titled The CEO Difference and is currently teaching an M.B.A. program at Colorado State University.

Dr. Paul L. Vlek (M.S. ’76, Ph.D. ’76) was awarded the GCHERA World Agriculture Prize for his success in developing global collaborative partnerships and being an inspiration to generations of students and researchers around the world.


Dr. Tim E. Fulbright (’81) received the Sustained Lifetime Achievement Award at the Society for Range Management’s 68th annual meeting, recognizing his work in improving wildlife habitats.


Bradley A. Sick

Bradley A. Sick (’14)

Bradley A. Sick (’14) joined Larson Design Group in Corning, New York, as a project designer in the water/wastewater department.

In Memoriam

*indicates member of the Alumni Association


*Alice J. Hawkins (’39)


Marian E. Berryman (’42)

*Dale F. Peterson (’42)


Myles Fixman (’51)

*Dr. Carter T. Jackson (’51)

Bill L. Raley (B.S. ’51, M.E.D. ’81)

Warren Gardner (’52)

*Charles C. Grandy (’52)

*John E. Toner (’53)

Dorothy M. Kleinschmidt (’54)

*Gary G. Glick (B.S. ’56, M.E.D. ’59)

Donna J. Wheeler (’56)

Lyle A. Stemmerman (’57)

*John “Doc” Cheney (B.S. ’58, D.V.M ’60, M.S. ’64)

Emmett B. Oleson (’58)

*Irvin V. Case, Sr. (’59)


Mary L. Sybrandt (’60)

Henry W. Tyler (’60)

Richard J. Bolger (’61)

Howard H. Weisberg (B.S. ’63, CERT ’63)

Terry J. Gaines (’66)

Louis N. Levinson (’66)

Warren F. Rockey (’67)

Henry W. Grimm, Jr. (’68)

Stuart R. Scott (’68)

Paul D. Lambert (’69)


Franklin D. Blake (’71)

*Everett L. Pfeiff (’71)

Ralph C. Gold (’73)

Dr. Dale L. Cook (’76)

Theodore A. Diedrich (’77)

Richard D. Allen (B.S. ’78, D.V.M. ’82)

Dennis R. Chinn (’78)

Brent W. Roberts (’79)


Mark L. Griswold (’80)

William M. Platz (’81)

Stephen M. Towne (’81)

Thomas H. Howard (’82)

Gary A. Bird (’85)


Victoria L. Hamilton (’90)


Michel S. Sargent (’05)

Andrea R. Hart (’09)


Michael F. Duckworth (’10)


Stewart L. Udall


Dr. Robert B. France

Dr. Mark T. Gilderhus

Mary T. Jimenez

Dr. Peter C. Sinclair

Kenneth R. Tremblay, Jr., Ph.D.


Karen L. Carroll

Roland Wilson

William A. Youder

Ruth J. Youder