Grow by Sharing with Others

Rams Leading Rams Meet and Greet

By Andrea Karapas, LPC (M. Ed. ’07)

It’s no secret that the best way to master a concept is to teach it to someone else. With thousands of years research collected on this very hypothesis, scientists have concluded that when our minds are given the task to teach an idea, theory, or process to another individual, we engage in a deeper level of learning and commit to understanding the material more fully. I have witnessed the validity of this first-hand standing at a chalkboard in Mrs. Howard’s 9th-grade algebra class, attempting to recall the process for solving quadratic equations. Though I left that day frustrated and full of resentment, she was on to something. I put in much more effort to grasp the material so that I could walk the class through the lesson with as little humiliation possible.

Just as the transfer of knowledge can spark a more profound degree of learning, I believe that sharing personal experiences with others allows one to gain new perspective and insight that can lead to growth. Wisdom emerges when we can reflect on our experiences from lenses outside our own. Thus discovering how our experiences have not only impacted ourselves, but those around us.

This philosophy is the very notion that our Rams Leading Rams Professional Development Symposium is built upon. On April 7, the Alumni Association is inviting more than 15 CSU alumni speakers to campus to share their knowledge and experiences with current students on topics crucial to their successful transition to graduate school or a career. As a professional, there are countless ways for you to share your wisdom and experiences with the next generation. This month I’m asking you to spend some time reflecting on how you’re growing through the process of teaching and sharing; whether it’s in your job, in the community, or with your own children.

And if your passion is for sharing your insight with CSU students, we invite you to our Rams Leading Rams Meet & Greet on April 7 from 4 to 5:30 p.m. where Dr. Sam Romano (’83) will kick us off with a brief talk on the importance of making connections. Register for the event today!