CAM Forever

CAM the Ram at seven months old. He's the 25th ram to represent CSU as its official live mascot.

CAM the Ram at seven months old. He’s the 25th ram to represent CSU as its official live mascot.

A celebrated and time honored-tradition, CAM the Ram has served as Colorado State University’s mascot for more than 60 years. Chosen by the student body in 1945, and named for Colorado A & M in 1954, CAM proudly represents the tenacity, perseverance, toughness of our students and alumni. CAM is cared for by a dedicated group of students who train CAM and ensure that he gets the best care possible. You’ll see our beloved mascot at home football games and many community events throughout the year.

The 24th ram to serve as the school’s live representative since the student body adopted Rams as the official mascot died hours before the Rocky Mountain Showdown of natural causes. He was 6 years old and had been in his role four years. Kraig Peel, associate professor of animal sciences, has overseen the care of all CAM mascots for the past 10 years while working with a group of student Ram Handlers. Peel said CAM’s heart simply stopped beating.


Each year, 8 to 12 Ram Handlers are selected to care for the beloved University mascot.

“CAM 24 really was an amazing mascot for us,” Peel said of the Rambouillet ram. “When I look for a ram to serve as CAM, we want one that represents the strength, integrity and power of this university, and CAM 24 did all of that.”


Ram Handlers teach CAM how to run the end-zone after a touchdown.

CAM 25 made his first official debut at the CSU vs. Boise State home football game on Oct. 10. The new mascot is CAM 24’s half-brother, and is 7 months old. He will be fully grown – with a full horn curl – in time for the opening of the new on-campus stadium in 2017.