Class Notes – May 2018


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Richard Fleck (M.A., ’62) has been welcomed into the Colorado Authors’ League. He has most recently written Desert Rims to Mountains High and Life Above 7000 Feet in Wyoming.

Ken Goldsberry (B.S., ’54; M.S., ’62), a CSU professor emeritus of horticulture, worked with the late Carl Jorgensen, also a retired CSU horticulture professor, to resurrect the Colorado Aggie Geranium. The variety – with orangey-red blossoms and deep-purple leaf banding – was developed in campus greenhouses and was commonly grown in the 1940s and early ’50s. Jorgensen had a single geranium when the two began collaborating in 2013 on a plant-breeding and selection project to bring back the Aggie Geranium, now available at Donath Lake Greenhouses in Loveland.

“Fire up the fountains!” Jenny Cavnar (B.S., ’04), left, became the first woman in 35 years to call a Major League Baseball game.


John Ikard (B.S., ’79) recently retired from his 17-year position as president and CEO of FirstBank, the nation’s third-largest privately held bank, known as a top workplace and for generous corporate philanthropy. He has served on the boards of multiple business, education, and charitable organizations, including the Colorado State University Board of Governors. Ikard delivered the commencement address for the College of Business in May.


Jeannie Miller (B.S., ’81) recently retired from her role as vice president for global technical governance and innovation with Molson Coors Brewing Co. She helped equip the new campus-teaching brewery at the Ramskeller and serves on the advisory board for the Fermentation Science and Technology program.

Robbie Myers (B.S., ’82) recently retired from her 17-year post as editor-in-chief of ELLE and is now a consultant for its parent company, Hearst Magazines, one of the world’s largest magazine publishers. She earlier worked at magazines including InStyle, Seventeen, and Rolling Stone, after attending CSU with a scholarship on the dive team. Myers delivered commencement addresses for the College of Liberal Arts in May.

Elizabeth “Libby” Jones (B.S., ’84) received an Alumni Outstanding Teaching Award from the University of Nebraska at Omaha Alumni Association in honor of distinguished teaching in the classroom.

Stacey Cook (B.S., ’84; B.S., ’86) will have owned her business for 15 years in 2018. Her business, Healing Hands Rehab, Inc., is an Occupational Therapy Out Patient Clinic and specialize in Hand Therapy. She is also celebrating my 29th Wedding Anniversary.

Catherine Seal (B.S., ’87) has been awarded the El Paso County Bar Association’s 2018 Mikki Kraushaar Award for her outstanding service to senior citizens in the El Paso County, Colorado community.


Jeannette Crawshaw (B.S., ’91) is currently vice president of operations at William Allan, LLC, a financial services company located in Warner Center in Woodland Hills. Jeannette is also one of the new board members for Chaminade College Preparatory school.

Andrea Georgopolis (B.S., ’95), Slifer Designs company Principal, was honored last week by Luxe Magazine with a regional Residential Excellence in Design (RED) Award for its work at a Vail, Colorado residence in 2016. Georgopolis received the RED regional award for Best Bathroom, as judged by a panel of high profile, internationally known industry professionals, and topping submissions from luxury architecture firms and designers from around state.

Jim Cotturone (M.S., ’96) has joined the Bookfield, Wise., office of Ameriprise Financial Services Inc., as a financial advisor. Cotturone has nearly 10 years of experience working with clients on retirement and financial planning. He is a retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, where he served for 20 years. Cutturone holds an M.S. in atmospheric science from Colorado State University.

Michael Woodbride (B.S., ’99) was named District Ranger for the Tahoe National Forest’s American River Ranger District in Foresthill, California. He has been with the U.S. Forest Service since 2014.


Jenny Cavnar (B.S., ’04) on April 23 became the first woman in 35 years to call play-by-play during a televised Major League Baseball game; the matchup featured the Colorado Rockies vs. San Diego Padres. The Denver Post called her debut a “historic success.” Cavnar started in broadcasting working for CSU’s student-run CTV News. She has worked for 12 years in MLB reporting and commentary.

Megan (Balmforth) Cordova (B.S., ’07) has been appointed Executive Director for the American Lung Association in WI. Responsibilities include cultivating community relationships, including business partnerships, individual donors and event participants; increasing mission activities through successful fundraising; serving as staff lead to the WI Leadership Board by providing support and guidance in reaching annual goals; and leading three major fundraising events, the Fight For Air Climb, O2 Oxygen Ball and LUNG FORCE Walk.

Derek Lowstuter (B.S., ’08; M.S., ’13) and Claire Lowstuter (B.S., ’08) recently launched Black Bison Organics, a line of patent-pending natural fertilizers and soil amendments using flax and biochar; the products are designed to improve soil as a first step to boosting plants. The couple also runs Folly Hill Farm, a 40-acre operation based on principles of regenerative agriculture, near Bismark, N.D.


Lauren Tong (B.S., ’16) is a student at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee double mastering in library informatics sciences and health care informatics.

Savannah Church (B.A., ’16; MED, ’17) teaches in a rural town on the Western Slope. She is so thankful to CSU for giving her this opportunity to pursue her dreams. She absolutely loves what she does; especially teaching 6th and 7th graders on a daily basis.

In Memoriam

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*Paul C. Smith (B.S., ’47; M.F., ’48)


Leonard J. Lyon (B.S., ’51; M.S., ’53)

Robert C. Lehman (B.S., ’57)

Malcolm E. MacDougall (B.S., ’59)

*Lewis C. Moore (B.S., ’59)

Pete D. Smith (B.S., ’59)


*R. Tracy Rhodes (B.S., ’59; D.V.M., ’60)

Bobbie R. Bryant (B.S., ’54; D.V.M., ’62)  

Juanita M. Roberts (MHEC, ’62)

Jack Lyon (M.S., ’63)

J.R. Allred (M.S., ’64)

*Gary H. Dunham (B.S., ’65)

Samuel A. Scanga (B.S., ’65)

Janet L. Malone (MHEC, ’68)

Margaret R. Grier (B.A., ’69)

Frederick F. Haberlein (B.F.A., ’69)

Harley D. Swanson (M.S., ’68; Ph.D., ’69)


Ali A. Parsa (MAGR, ’66; Ph.D., ’70)

Douglas M. Berry (M.A., ’72)

Donald L. Darling (B.S., ’72)

James Emmett III (D.V.M., ’72)

*Darrell C. Walker (B.S., ’72)

Earl W L Sutton (CERT, ’67; B.S., ’67; MED, ’73)

Carey E. Brown, Jr. (Ph.D., ’76)

Tim H. Kimble (B.S., ’77)

Jesse E. Purdy (B.S., ’74; M.S., ’76; Ph.D., ’78)


Gary J. Pascuzzo (Ph.D., ’80)

James G. McNeill (M.S., ’83)

*Judith L. Kennedy (B.S., ’87)


Ryan B. Brown (B.S., ’95; D.V.M., ’99)

Paul B. Sanders (D.V.M., ’99)


*Lawrence V. Dirienzo (MACC, ’12)


*COL Stanley D. Cass

John Haggerty

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