Class Notes – June 2018


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Jean Ehlers (B.S., ’58) retired in 2015. Recently, she received an award for achievement from Northern Arizona University and the Arizona Occupational Therapy Association.


Wayne Schneider (B.S., ’60) was inducted into the Multi-Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame in Oakland, Calif., for football and coaching.

John Sitzman (B.S., ’60) and his wife, Judy, established three student scholarships in the College of Health and Human Sciences, supporting students studying interior design, fermentation science and technology, and human development and family studies. Seven members of the Sitzman family – spanning four generations – have attended CSU.


John Weltzien (B.A., ’76) is a five-time Professional Bowlers Association titlist and two-time United States Bowling Congress champion. He was elected to the Florida Bowling Hall of Fame in 2012 and 2017.


Steven Dale (B.S., ’81) retired after 31 years of Air Traffic Control service with the Federal Aviation Administration.

An Emmy-nominated sportscaster, David Caldwell (B.A., ’83) won a Southern California Sports Broadcasters Award for his play-by-play work on Fox Sports West. He has also worked for ESPN, calling college sports and professional beach volleyball, and is the “Voice of the Master’s University Mustangs.”

Doug Erler (B.A., ’85) heads the Weld County Justice Services Department in Greeley, Colo. The department provides an array of alternatives to incarceration programs for adult and juvenile offenders as well as justice system analysis and coordination services. Doug serves on local, state, and national criminal justice boards and committees. His children are fellow Rammies, Brian Erler (B.S., ’17) and Lindsey Erler (B.A., ’19).

Michael Grafman (B.A., ’85) is a media sales representative for Retail Me Not/Clipper direct marketing mailer in 30 states, 500 markets, and is married to his lovely wife, Ariella.

Wende Curtis (B.A., ’87) is marking her 32nd anniversary with Comedy Works. She started as a waitress, then rose from general manager to owner of the nightclub on Larimer Square in downtown Denver. She launched Comedy Works South in Greenwood Village in 2008 to further promote stand-up comedy.

Michael Lairmore (Ph.D., ’87) is dean of the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine. He was recently appointed to a five-year term serving on the National Institutes of Health Council of Councils, which advises the director of one of the world’s foremost medical research centers regarding conduct and federal support for biomedical research nationwide. Lairmore, a veterinarian, is an expert on viral causes of cancer.


Donnyale Ambrosine (B.A., ’92) is director of marketing for CSU Colab, the Lory Student Center marketing group. She is a cultural consultant for a television miniseries produced by TNT titled One Day She’ll Darken, a mystery about a white woman given away at birth to a black family. The series is directed in part by Patty Jenkins of Wonder Woman, and will star Chris Pine.

Darla Dollman’s (B.A., ’91; M.F.A., ’94) book, Colorado’s Deadliest Floods, was recently published by History Press. Dollman, who witnessed and survived many contemporary disasters, examines the state’s most catastrophic flash floods from 1864 to 2013. She has worked as a photojournalist for 38 years, covering weather disasters and other topics for local and national news sources, magazines, and websites. She served with the English faculty at CSU and taught classes at UNC.

Thomas Edling is one of many notable alumni featured in the Iris & Michael Smith Alumni Center in Canvas Stadium.

Thomas Edling (D.V.M., ’95) recently became consulting veterinarian for Petland, an international pet-care retailer, with franchises in North America, Central America, South America, South Africa, and Asia. He was earlier vice president of veterinary medicine for Petco and a veterinary faculty member at the University of Wisconsin.

Keith Callaghan (B.A., ’96) has been named the Assistant Vice President for Economic Development and External Affairs for Florida SouthWestern State College. He serves on the boards of the Fred Lang Foundation, Charlotte Behavioral Health Care, the Boys and Girls Club of Charlotte County, Crossroads Hope Academy, the Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce and the Visual Arts Center Endowment Trust.

Jason Johanning (B.S., ’97) recently joined Craftsy as Vice President of Business Development. Craftsy is an online video platform and e-commerce business based in Denver, Colo., that delivers high-definition interactive tutorials and downloadable workshops. It launched as a startup in 2011 and was acquired by NBC Universal in 2017.

Haylie Pomroy (B.S., ’97) provides interventions for rapid weight loss based on individual metabolic status and needs in her sixth book on health, nutrition, and weight loss, published by HarperCollins. Her previous best-selling books include The Fast Metabolism Diet and The Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook.


Robert Serunjogi (B.S., ’07) and Laura Schreck (B.S., ’17) have raised more than $10,000 to help complete construction of two schools for orphans in Uganda, Serunjogi’s home country. The charitable effort arose from a chance conversation on campus, where Serunjogi works as a custodian and Schreck is pursuing a master’s degree in health and exercise science. Serunjogi often contributes to African villages, where many children have been orphaned by AIDS and civil war.


Nicole Clow (B.S., ’16) has started her career as a child protection caseworker. She enjoys her work and the opportunity to make differences in the lives of those in her community. She just celebrated her one year anniversary with her husband, Christopher, and they closed on their first home in December. They are expecting their first baby, a boy, in July.

Marianna Savoca (Ph.D., ’16) was recently named Assistant Vice President for Career Development and Experiential Education at Stony Brook University, on Long Island, N.Y. Her debut book, A Good Job: Campus Employment As A High-Impact Practice, was published by Stylus and is based in part on her CSU dissertation. The book helps college and university administrators improve the work experience of students who work on campus.

Taylor Smith (B.F.A., ’16) has been hired as an elementary school art teacher for the upcoming 2018-19 school year. From bussing tables, to pouring beer, she’s finally found a fulfilling career and is excited to make a difference in children’s lives.

In Memoriam

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*Harold D. Einarsen (B.S., ’49)

Roderick C. MacLennan (B.S., ’49)


*Donald O. Straub (B.S., ’50)

Willa Mae Crick (B.S., ’50; B.S., ’51)

*Gene E. Fischer (B.S., ’51)

*Fred A. Ricks (B.S., ’49; M.E.D., ’53)

Mary E. Moreman Mayfield (M.S., ’55)

*Olin W. Ruff (B.S., ’59)

Jack C. Spanner (B.S., ’59)


Raynette C. Bosshardt (B.A., ’60)

George Faver (CERT, ’63; B.S., ’63)

Huey T. Sessions (B.S., ’60; M.E.D., ’64)

Calvin C. Butler (B.S., ’62; M.S., ’63; Ph.D., ’66)

Surgounda A. Patil (Ph.D., ’66)

Duane A. Bridgeman (M.E.D., ’67)

*Merlyn E. Queen (B.S., ’67)

*Allen J. Bejda (B.S., ’69)


Edward S. Pekeris (B.S., ’77)

Susan Y. Rolando (B.S., ’79)


Theresa I. Hubis (B.A., ’80)

Frank Alan Kidd (M.S., ’76; Ph.D., ’83)

David W. McLaurin (B.A., ’86)

Paul R. Block (B.S., ’89)


Joy A. Amos (B.S., ’90)

Catherine R. Taylor (B.A., ’91)

John C. Bennitt (B.A., ’93)


Jory J. Wendling (Ph.D., ’03)


Carl J. C. Jorgensen


Barbara A. Moore

Kevin J. Boldt

Robert D. Deakin

Keith Eckberg

Vladimir P. Gavora

Raymond G. Hooker

Matthew A. King

Kimberly J. Larkey-Molcsan

Nicholas J. Margeson

John E. Pinder, III.

George T. Turner

*Norma Sue Weber